Handmade Plate Pottery Minakari Art Handmade 25 cm Persian Crafts



This Handmade Plate Pottery will serve as an adornment of your an interior and emphasizes the exquisite taste of the owner. Perfect gift for friends and family.



Handmade Plate Pottery Minakari Art Handmade 25 cm Persian Crafts

  • Design: Flower
  • Materials: Eco Pottery
  • Use: home, kitchen, office, and other
  • Handmade in Iran, Hamadan Using Ancient Handicraft Traditions
  • Collector’s item – featuring the original Minakari Art

Stunning Handmade Plate Pottery is made and painted by hand from Minakari Art.

Minakari Art is a miniature painting on pottery or metal. Bright colors, unique images, and forms of minakari undoubtedly, make each piece truly unique in your home.

Colorful colors shine on a Handmade Plate Pottery high quality. Furthermore, every the image etched. Beautiful colors – no two pieces will look alike as coloration varies. Another key point, pottery Persian HandiCraft is a result permanent of a specialized heat/cooling process.
The complex, multi-step manufacturing process of this product, hand-painted and fixed colors – are truly worthy of your attention.

Mystery Of Iran® specializes in sourcing the very best, contemporary home decor and accessories from  Iran.

Undoubtedly, this is a work of art Pottery & Minakari Handmade is will decorate your home space and office.

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Weight1000 kg
Dimensions25 × 25 cm

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