Oriental Wall Clock Khatam Kari Persian Handicrafts



This Oriental Wall Clock Khatam Kari will decorate your home space or office. Also, they will be a great gift for various holidays and birthday.



Oriental Wall Clock Khatam Kari Copper Hademade Persian Handicrafts

Khatam Kari is one of many handicrafts of Isfahan.
Khatam Kari Art is a combination of regular polygons with different faces, which are formed using different materials in different colors. Is the production and manufacture of requires a lot of care and patience.
Khatam Kari: “The art of decorating the objects in a mosaic-like manner, with a small triangle. Various designs of Khatam have always been in regular geometric shapes. These geometric shapes are put together by placing the small triangles together. Made triangles of wood, metal, and bone. The triangles are thinner and finer, the better. In a Khatam design, at least three triangles are used to construct the smallest geometric unit, and to the largest of it, a maximum of four hundred triangles.”

You can read more about the unique art of Khatam kari.

  • Persian Khatam Square Shape Wall Clock
  • Brand New, Attractive Eye-Catching Design, Collectible Art
  • Souvenir or Gift Of Isfahan, IRAN

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Weight2450 kg
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