Luxury Backgammon & Chess Board Khatam HandiCrafts



Original Crafted Persian Luxury Backgammon & Chess Board Khatam Kari Art is worthy to decorate your the home space and office.

This Backgammon & Chess Board Khatam Art еhe Вesign is based on the Famous Historical Persian Story about Lily & Magnon.



Luxury Backgammon & Chess Board Khatam Kari Persian HandiCrafts

The Luxury Backgammon & Chess Board Khatam is a model that has been made by one of the best professors of Isfahan’s masterpiece, in Art Gallery Master’s Workshop.
The length of this board is about 80 centimeters and weighs about 6 kilograms.
The value of this work is due to its stunning quality, which is very much appreciated and the artist who made it.
In chess houses, this backgammon is one in between Khatam and Art, which brings the beauty of the work to double.

100% QUALITY. This Luxury Backgammon & Chess Board Khatam Art has been used to paste adhesives from wood glue and has not been used with immediate adhesives to increase its durability and strength.

PROCESS. First, totally different quite wood in several colors are provided and a blend of metals. Then with the relevant tools, they’re cut every honing thirty cm length. And 1-5.2 millimeter diameter and a few triangles are ready from them, that once filing, all the lateral are created in keeping with the plan and as fascinating and so as to end the plan. Then to form Khatam Kari the head-artist attracts the drawings of various figures that are to be created so as to form Khatam Kari. These picket triangles or metal ones are placed beside alternative|one another} by the hands of a skillful creator and affixed to every other.
The Khatam Kari are affixed supported the plan, color, shape, dimensions and also the place of application and by creating totally different plans and creating similar figures or symmetrical shapes. All the plan surface is adorned by signets that are then ready by performing arts some repairments, filing, brushing and undercuttings and at last grinding and straightening of Khatam surface. Then oiling and sprucing by special materials.

You can read more about the unique art of Khatam kari.

In the manufacture of a board, it takes about a month. That’s why Iran Luxury Backgammon & Chess Board Khatam Art appreciated around the world!

Also, you’ll be able to use this design as a gift to your love, family or friend.

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Weight6000 kg
Dimensions80 × 80 × 6 cm

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