Luxury Goblet / Chalice Khatam Kari copper 14 cm handmade Persian Crafts



This Luxury Goblet / Chalice is made Khatam Kari Art, is an ancient Persian technique of inlaying.



Luxury Goblet / Chalice Khatam Kari copper 14 cm handmade Persian Crafts

Goblet / Chalice Khatam Art: Drink like kings with the superbly artificer designed hand beat 100 percent copper wine glass, goblet, goblet! Enhance your cocktail expertise and make reminiscences together with your friends with associate degree authentic copper chalice.
100% QUALITY: planning of adorned Goblet / Chalice Khatam could be an extremely elaborate process. There are typically over four hundred items per square inch in a work of average quality. In every milliliter of inlaid work, up to more or less 250 items of metal, bone, ivory and completely different forms of wood are laid side by side, glued along in stages, smoothed, oiled and polished. inlaid articles within the Safavid era took on a special significance as artists created their precious artworks. Woods used embody betel, walnut, cypress, and pine.

GREAT FOR GIFTING: Goblet / Chalice Khatam is a beautiful handcrafted addition to every home and bar. They are the perfect gifting idea on any occasion including a house party, Valentine’s Day, holiday, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, weddings, and more.
BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED WINE GOBLET: The wide opening mouth of the wine glass helps you to fully experience the aroma and taste of every drink. Indulge yourself from the first sip to the last drop. Try using the chalice for mixed drinks with whiskey, vodka, wine, rum, tequila, gin, beer. Also works great for beverages like iced tea, coffee, water, and lemonade.

You can read more about the unique art of Khatam kari.

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