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Travel Insurance For Iran

Many people from all around the world travel to Iran for business and pleasure each year. One of the first things you will notice is that it’s far from home, and it’s a long trip to get there, reinforcing the importance of having reliable travel insurance for your trip. When it comes to travel insurance for Iran, Mystery Of Iran ®  offers comprehensive coverage options, ensuring you can enjoy your trip and immerse yourself in the Iran culture and attractions in Iran.

Iran Travel Insurance plan and fees

7 days 
10 €
14 days 
18 €
30 days 
35 €
90 days 
100 €

Why travel insurance is important for your trip to Iran?

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Whether your travels take you to the capital city of Tehran and Saadabad Palace, Shiraz and Persepolis, Isfahan and Imam Square, Kerman, Yazd or Tabriz to take in its unique metropolitan building structures, having travel insurance in Iran is important, especially since you are on the other side of the world.

The importance of travel insurance for Iran

Considering the cost to fly to Iran and the length of the trip, it’s essential to have travel insurance that covers you for trip interruption and lost a passport or other unexpected expenses, ensuring you are protecting your financial investment. Mystery Of Iran ® offers comprehensive travel insurance policies that will cover you for your trip to Iran, allowing you to take peace of mind in knowing we are here to help, should you need us.

Our travel insurance coverage for Iran is based on your age, trip length and the travel insurance plan you choose, ensuring that you can find an affordable travel insurance plan that meets all of your travel needs.

Valid and active travel insurance in Iran

Due to the limitation of many worldwide travel insurances in Iran for sanctions and isolated banking system and insurance services you should make sure that your current insurance will be valid in Iran in case of any unexpected emergencies. Mystery of Iran® provides the best Iranian Travel Insurance that is especially for Iran’s territory and will back you up whenever you need it.
Please note that most of the international insurance companies do not cover Iran and you should ask your insurance company to make sure that they do cover Iran.

Valid Iran Travel Insurance To Get Iran Visa

To obtain Iran visa you should provide valid travel insurance to Iranian embassy. With our help, you have access to Iranian Travel Insurance which is valid and acceptable in any Iranian embassies in the world to get your Iranian visa.  Please contact us for more information.