Renting Office (Meeting) Equipment in Iran

rent meeting equipment in Iran
Mystery Of Iran® office equipment is to be provided in your hotel and at the site, you designate in accordance with your needs. We can provide such equipment as the whole set of an office automation system, computers of various types and supplementary equipment etc. Please contact us to get our Iran Office (Meeting) Equipment Renting quotations.
If you want us to rent Office (Meeting) Equipment in Iran now, or need more information, just send a letter to us.
If you contact us before you arrive in Tehran, we will arrange the office equipment in your hotel room reserved in advance. If you contact us in Tehran, we will send equipment to your hotel room within one hour. Whenever you want the equipment:

 During your whole visit to Tehran on a certain day.

 When you want to change a set of equipment we can be always of your service.
You can either return the equipment before termination of the lease or extend the lease. The facilities associated with the equipment you rent are to be provided at the same time. In case of any damage to the equipment not caused by force majeure during the renting period, you are expected to make compensation accordingly.