Iran Exhibition Management

iran exhibition management

Iran exhibition information services for tourism

We provide information and services query for all the exhibitions in Iran every year and offer various consulting services for potential clients who have the intent to take part in exhibitions in Iran.

Act as an agent of renting a booth for business travelers

Mystery Of Iran® will provide you with the detailed hall plan, booth space and charge of the exhibition you are interested in. And we will apply to the exhibition organizer for the best exhibition space and the largest discount according to the exhibition sites you choose and the number of exhibition space you need.

Act as an agent of project management; water and electricity; live safety-defending application

We will apply to the exhibition secretariat for project management; water and electricity; and the permission of spot safety-defending service application in order to make sure the favorable progress of the project.

Booth design, product promotion design, and execution

Mystery Of Iran owns an experienced design group with distinctive abilities from plane design to three-dimensional cartoon and multimedia production. The group will integrate local factors and style of Iran into your company’s original image and symbol according to your company’s products. With our help, your booth and promoting products will be distinctive among the large numbers of exhibitors and be paid more attention by target guests.

Setup and dismantlement of a booth

After we put in designing blueprint of booth set-up, effective vision, circuit diagram and explanation of fireproof materials to the exhibition secretariat and make auditing of safety and fire protection, we will start setting up of a booth, laying carpet, fixing illumination facility of booth and etc. Accurateness and streakiness are our promises to you.

Transportation, customs clearance and quarantine clearance of items for exhibition

 Transporting all the items for an exhibition from overseas to Iran and send them back following custom procedure and quarantine report.
 Measurement, turnover, transportation after sale and safekeeping of items for exhibition and temporary decision on withdrawal of exhibition date service. Of course, you can rent a car and directing it by yourself. But compared with the service that a professional company provided, the second one is safer. For instance, we can make proper storage of these transportation vessels that cannot be deposited on the exhibition spot; we can also arrange the early or late order of the suppliers who arrive simultaneously, etc.

Labor service

We will provide for exhibitors interpreters, commentators, servants, guards, technicians, etc.

Travel service

We will offer an invitation letter for you, help to handle visa for Iran, take responsibility for your transportation, and arrange travel in Iran.


We will provide accommodation and transport services during your stay in Iran, and book airline tickets for you.


We will provide international telephone and special telephone line services for you.


Mystery Of Iran® will rent exhibition facility such as electronic equipment, furniture, flowers, national flags and so on, accept the delegation from the exhibition.

We support you with our professional business services in Iran and if you are interested in or preparing for attending an exhibition in Iran and you need an honest and reliable supplier, please contact us and discuss with our staff members of the exhibition service department about the concerned process and expenses. You are sure to get what you need. If you want us to arrange everything professionally, you can contact us by phone, Email or our online chat.