Conference Management in Iran

Conference Management in Iran
Mystery Of Iran® has a team of professional conference managers in Iran to help you coordinate, and deliver programs within Iran. We will work with you on programs of one day or many days, we have the resources and skills to make your event a polished presentation. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised at our reasonable fees. With us, you will get the best service for conference management in Iran. We provide the following scope of services:

 Program planning and development

 Comprehensive site research/property analysis
 Budget and Fiscal Services
 Hotel contract analysis and negotiation
 Conference Group Travel coordination
 Audio/visual production services
 Project Management
 Client Communications & Registration
 Set up the web site for the conference
As a destination company in Iran, we ensure that we can provide a complete solution for the conference. It is because not only we are powerful to do this, but also you are along with us!
If you want us to arrange your conference or need more information, please contact us.