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Iran Visa For Indian Citizens Guide

If You are an Indian citizen and looking for information to know more about the terms to get an Iran visa and also apply for Iran visa online, this is the right page that you just opened. Due to historical business and cultural connections between Iran and Great India in 2018 Iranian government decided to make Iranian visa easier to obtain by Indian citizens. Each year many Indian citizens come to Iran as businessmen searching for opportunities to make money. And in fact, most of them come back to India full-handed! Also, there are many tourists from India who wants to travel to Iran visit one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Here we will explain how you can get Iran visa for Indian citizens fast and safe.

iran visa for indian citizens

How Indian citizens can obtain Iran visa using visa reference code?

1) You need to get a visa authorization number from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign affairs.

For obtaining this authorization number you have got to contact any of the Tour agencies placed in the Islamic Republic of Iran. And that they can get this code for you and will charge you some amount.

Documents needed for obtaining an authorization number are:

  • Copy of your passport that should be valid for over six Months.
  • Your travel details e.g. estimated the date of your travel, gender, the purpose of visit, approximate days of stay in the Islamic Republic of Iran, place in India wherever you would like to apply for the Visa & your passport details.
  • Details of the host who is inviting you from the Islamic Republic of Iran, if you don’t have anyone in Iran you can most likely apply for Iran visa through Mystery of Iran®.

To get an authorization number, it will take 4-10 Iranian working days (Remember Thursday’s & Fridays are weekends in Iran).

Once the authorization number is generated from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign affairs. Soon after that, MFA will forward the details to the on top of the mentioned embassy or consulate & we will forward you a copy of the authorization number for your reference number.

2) While your authorization number is getting generated you can get your medical Tests done:

1) HIV.

2) liver disease.

& get the report of these tests.

3) currently once you have the authorization number & the medical Tests ready, you must have an additional document and your ticket (To & Fro).

4) Visit the (Embassy or Consulate) & fill in the form that they will give you over there and attach all the documents that mentioned on top of and pay the fees for your Iran visa.

Most possible, you can get the Iran visa stamp from the (Embassy or Consulate) same day or the day when looking at the mode you have got select.

How can Indian citizens obtain Iran visa stamp at the airport in Iran?

It’s important to know if you don’t have the time to go to the embassy to obtain your visa stamp you have another way to collect your visa stamp at the airport.

1- Collect your Iran visa on arrival 

From 2018, the Iranian government gives Indian citizens the possibility to obtain a tourist visa on arrival. However, With our years of experience in Iran Visa, Mystery Of Iran ® recommends you to register for Iran tourist visa and apply to collect the visa at your entrance port in Iran. In this way, you can secure the Iran visa and receiving a pre-approval visa code. In fact, you can apply for the Iran tourist visa through the form below:

For further Information on Iran tourist visa click here.
Be sure to also study: Why not to consider Iran Visa on arrival?

2- Request for Iran visa through Mystery of Iran®.

Definitely, the safest way to get Iran visa at the airport is that you first get your visa approval before your trip to Iran. Thus, to do that you can apply for Iran visa and choose to collect your visa stamp at the airport in Iran. After receiving your Iran visa reference code from us you can provide this code together with your other documents at the airport on arrival and obtain your visa stamp. It’s important to know that, this kind of visa is not a visa on arrival and you can request 30 days tourist visa and also can extend it up to 3 months.
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