Iran Travel Insurance

Iran Travel Insurance

More and more families are choosing to travel during their vacations. Although visiting new places is rewarding and exciting, sometimes unexpected contingencies occur that put a damper on your visit. Thus, to minimize unplanned damage and loss, travel insurance offers a safeguard, providing immediate help as well as reimbursement or payment for mishaps that may occur during your visit.
In Iran, most tour operators offer their clients Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance. Each insurance company must carry this coverage, however, only the issue caused by the agencies may be compensated, since the beneficiary (insured) is the agency. Also Mystery Of Iran ® strongly recommends clients to by personal Travel Insurance

Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance

By low of National Tourism Administration of Iran, every travel agency must provide their clients Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of both the agency and its clients. however some low quality of fake companies ignore this low to make more money.  

The Insurance Coverage

'Accidents' listed below which are caused by the travel agency may be compensated:
Visitors' casualty (injury or death)
Related expenses for medical treatment and related transportation fee
Expenses related to the visitors' death and repatriating the body
Expenses that occur when the necessary aid has been provided to visitors, including the transportation fee, dining and lodging costs of relatives visiting; payment for the staff of the travel agency and doctors; fees for postponing the tourists itineraries
Loss, damage, and theft of visitors' belongings
Legal costs incurred disputing the fault of travel agency
Other compensation agreed upon between the travel agency and the insurance company
Please note that this insurance only lasts until the traveller is in Iran as he/she planed the trip with Mystery Of Iran and the maximum amount of reimbursement for inbound visit from abroad is 10,000€ per person.

Since the Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance will not cover any expenses related to accidents outside of the control of the agency, it is highly recommended that the visitor buy personal Travel Insurance .

Iran Travel Insurance FAQs

Is travel insurance necessary?

Yes. We strongly recommend that our clients purchase travel insurance before departure on a tour to guard against unforeseen circumstances.
Most travel insurance companies offer Trip Cost Cancellation and Interruption Insurance, emergency medical transport and medical expenses insurance. These policies pay for loss due to unforeseen circumstances such as death, injury and illness. Travel policies also cover you for a variety of other risks, such as cancellation charges, loss of money, loss of baggage, and liability to third parties, to name a few. Although we do everything possible to ensure client security, if a mishap occurs, it can be very costly to you. By purchasing travel insurance you can relax, knowing that you can deal with problems that may arise. In addition, an annual travel policy may save you money.

What kind of insurance can you offer us if we book a tour with you?

The insurance we offer our clients is called Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance. Under this plan client will receive compensation for personal or property losses, injury, or damage incurred during the guided tour. However, it does not cover mishaps or physical problems occurring outside the guided tour period or caused by clients themselves.

Is it enough for a visitor to buy only Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance?

Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance covers only accidents occurring during the activities arranged by a travel agency, so it is recommended that you purchase personal Travel Insurance before departure. We recommend that all visitors to Iran purchase travel insurance sufficient to cover medical needs and trip curtailment beyond the coverage of the Agency policy.
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