Iran Visa Extension

Application for extension of Iran visas, including entry, tourist and pilgrimage visas, are issued by Aliens Affairs Bureau law enforcement forces on the basis of justifiable reasons and approval of the said Bureau.

Iran visa extension

Diplomatic and Service Visa

Diplomatic and service visa will be extended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon request of the concerned Foreign Diplomatic Mission in Tehran.

Extension of Work Permit Visa

Work permit visa will be extended by Aliens Affairs Bureau, law enforcement officers with Coordination by the Department of Aliens Employment Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. And on the basis of the request by the Iranian sponsor of the applicant.

Another key point is visa extensions are available at the Police Offices of Foreign Aliens in major Iranian cities for up to 2 months.


The extension of your visa after you get it within the airport relies on the discretion of Police Aliens Affairs Dept. If you’ve got a fifteen-day Islamic Republic of Iran visa on arrival you merely can extend it up to another 15 days.
Also, work permit visa is going to be extended by Police Aliens Affairs Dept. With Coordination of the Department of Aliens’ Employment at the ministry of labor and Social Affairs and on the idea of asking by the Iranian sponsor of the applicant.

 Start The Visa Extention Process Early

Offices are open from Saturday to Wednesday, 7:30 AM – two PM. The offices are sometimes full of people thus go there in the morning and begin the process quicker. Certainly better begin the visa extension process 1-3 days left before your visa is terminated.

 Documents for Iran visa extension

The process is easy, however, as we have a tendency to mentioned above. It’s relied on the discretion of the Police Aliens Affairs Dept. They may additionally ask you regarding the explanation for your visa extension. In case, you have got a tourist visa, say that you simply need to see a lot of attractions in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Also, If you have got work permit visa, you must make a case for regarding the explanation more. All you have to do is to fill some forms and provides photocopies of your passport and your visa. The documents required are:

  • Two passport photos
  • Filling Forms
  • Copies of your passport and Iranian visa
  • An entry stamp
  • Pay for the visa extension (350,000 IRR and about 50,000 IRR to buy a folder and for photocopies)

Note 1:

Important to know, for ladies, photos have to be with scarfs.
In some offices, there’s a copy box. Thus you’ll be able to make photocopies in the office, that in fact isn’t for free! however, sometimes, there’s a long queue at the copy box. Please note that you simply should pay the visa extension in cash. You must do the payment in “Melli Bank” and bring back the receipt.

Note 2:

Don’t worry, in case, you don’t understand English for doing the payment in Melli Bank. Simply say Visa, and they can assist you.

How long does it take Iran visa Extention?

As a matter of fact, if you begin early in the morning you may get the extension on the same day. It usually takes between 1-4 hours. Otherwise, they keep your passport and you return following day and your extension is ready! Need to know, the offices are sometimes are full of people, and in some cities like Mashhad, there are a lot of Afghan and Pakistani individuals trying to find residence permit extensions. Generally telling, if it’s possible, ask a local to assist you with the visa extension process. Obviously, it helps a great deal.


Najafi Street, Next to the Ameneh Nursery, Opposite The Mirdamad Boulevard, Valiasr Street after the Vanak Square, Tehran.


Police Office of Foreign Aliens in Mashhad: Next to Azad Univ., Rahnamaee St.


Police Office of Foreign Aliens in Isfahan: Azadi Sq.