Iran Travel Emergencies

iran travel emergencies

Emergencies during traveling are commonplace for foreign visitors and can occasionally have serious consequences; therefore we recommended foreign visitors choose a travel agency that offers you comprehensive, 24-hour back-up for emergencies. Besides arranging a decent insurance cover, it is also useful to know how to deal with some common emergencies yourself. The following are common questions that frequently arise:

What to do if you cannot find your travel guide? (Mystery Of Iran ® clients)

Usually, our guides will be at the stated meeting point 30 minutes before your arrival. If you can’t find your guide, please contact us immediately and our office will quickly resolve the issue.

What can I do if I become lost? (Mystery Of Iran ® clients)

As a precaution against getting lost in Iran, always take contact details for your travel agency, guide, and hotel, etc. with you. Mystery Of Iran provides its clients with bilingual tour information, so even if you do get lost, you can use the Iranian version to ask locals for directions. In addition to this, a phone call to our professional office staff will soon help you get your bearings!

Who should I ask for help if I mislay my passport?

Ask your guide for help and report the loss to the nearest Police Office immediately, who will then issue you with a certificate of loss. You will need to apply for a new passport in person at the nearest embassy or consulate of your own country, where you will usually be required to fill in a lost passport application. With the new passport issued, you need to go to the Police Office to get a new Visa for Iran, then you can continue your visit or leave Iran. Remember that the relevant departments are usually closed on Friday and Iranian Holidays.

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What should I do if I lose my luggage at the airport?

Firstly report of the loss of your luggage at the relevant airport department. The office members will assist you to fill the report and provide you with the pictures of luggage which helps identify your luggage. They will also help you trace your luggage using computerized tracking systems.

What to do if I lose my wallet with cash and credit card in it?

If something valuable like cash and bank cards is lost, or you are robbed by thieves or muggers, do not hesitate to report the incident to the police immediately (call 110 toll-free). The Public Security Police of Iran with many stations in each city is in charge of such matters and will handle your loss efficiently. If you are in a hotel, ask the hotel staff to help you and contact the police. Although Iran is a relatively safe country for visitors, it always pays to take basic precautions with your belongings.

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