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Iran Public Holidays 2019 – 2020

Iran recognizes 26 national holidays per year. The majority of national holidays are based on centuries-old Islamic religious culture as well as political milestones commemorating a long struggle to obtain political freedom and equality. Iran celebrates the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad; Revolution Day; Oil Nationalization Day; Martyrdom of Fatima; Islamic Republic Day; Nature Day; Birthday of Imam Ali; Prophet’s Ascension; Imam Mahai’s Birthday; Anniversary of Khomeini’s Death; Eid-e Ghorban, known as the Feast of Sacrifice , Eid-e Fetr and several other religious observances. It is estimated that more than 90 percent of Iranians practice the Islam faith. Most employers allow paid time off for religious holidays. In addition to national holidays, Labour Day is considered an official holiday for all workers, regardless of the type of employment.

 List of national public holidays of Iran in 2019

MondayFebruary 11Islamic Revolution Day
WednesdayMarch 20Oil Nationalisation DayEsfand 29
WednesdayMarch 20Imam Ali’s BirthdayRajab 13
ThursdayMarch 21NowruzIranian New Year
FridayMarch 22Nowruz Holiday
SaturdayMarch 23Nowruz Holiday
SundayMarch 24Nowruz Holiday
MondayApril 01Islamic Republic DayFarvardin 12
TuesdayApril 02Nature DayFarvardin 13
WednesdayApril 03The Prophet’s AscensionRajab 27
SundayApril 21Imam Mahdi’s BirthdaySha’aban 15
SundayMay 26Martyrdom of Imam AliRamadan 21
TuesdayJune 04Demise of Imam KhomeiniKhordad 14
WednesdayJune 0515 Khordad National Uprising (1963)Khordad 15
WednesdayJune 05Eyde FetrEnd of Ramadan
ThursdayJune 06The Day after Eyde FetrShawwal 2
SaturdayJune 29Martyrdom of Imam SadeqShawwal 25
SundayAugust 11Eyde QorbanFeast of the Sacrifice
MondayAugust 19Eyde GhadirDhu al-Hijjah 18
SundaySeptember 08Tasoua HosseiniMuharram 9
MondaySeptember 09Ashura10th day of Muslim New Year
WednesdayOctober 09Arbaeen HosseiniSafar 20
SundayOctober 27Death of Prophet MuhammadSafar 28
TuesdayOctober 29Martyrdom of Imam RezaSafar 30
TuesdayNovember 05Martyrdom of Imam Hassan AsgariRabi’-ul-Awwal 8
SundayNovember 10Birthday of Prophet Muhammad and Imam SadeghRabi’-ul-Awwal 17

 List of national public holidays of Iran in 2020

TuesdayFebruary 11Islamic Revolution Day
ThursdayMarch 19Oil Nationalisation DayEsfand 29
FridayMarch 20NowruzIranian New Year
SaturdayMarch 21Nowruz Holiday
SundayMarch 22Nowruz Holiday
SundayMarch 22The Prophet’s AscensionRajab 27
MondayMarch 23Nowruz Holiday
TuesdayMarch 31Islamic Republic DayFarvardin 12
WednesdayApril 01Nature DayFarvardin 13
ThursdayApril 09Imam Ali’s BirthdayRajab 13
ThursdayApril 09Imam Mahdi’s BirthdaySha’aban 15
ThursdayMay 14Martyrdom of Imam AliRamadan 21
SundayMay 24Eyde FetrEnd of Ramadan
MondayMay 25The Day after Eid-e-FitrShawwal 2
TuesdayMay 26Eid Al-Fitr Holiday
WednesdayJune 03Demise of Imam KhomeiniKhordad 14
ThursdayJune 0415 Khordad National Uprising (1963)Khordad 15
WednesdayJune 17Martyrdom of Imam Sadeq
FridayJuly 31Eyde QorbanFeast of the Sacrifice
SaturdayAugust 08Eyde GhadirDhu al-Hijjah 18
FridayAugust 28Tasoua HosseiniMuharram 9
SaturdayAugust 29Ashoura10th day of Muslim New Year
ThursdayOctober 08Arbaeen HosseiniSafar 20
FridayOctober 16Death of Prophet MuhammadSafar 28
SaturdayOctober 17Martyrdom of Imam RezaSafar 29
ThursdayOctober 29Birthday of Prophet Muhammad and Imam SadeghRabi’-ul-Awwal 17
MondayNovember 16Martyrdom of Imam Hassan AskariRabi’-ul-Awwal 8


In many parts of the world, holidays are subject to arbitrary, last minute, changes by local authorities. While every effort has been made to present an accurate list of 2019 bank holidays, legal holidays and public holidays for Iran, we cannot accept any responsibility for any error or omission in the data presented above. You are therefore advised to verify the above dates with the embassy or consulate of Iran or you can contact us and our experts will help you plan your trip to Iran.