Comparing Travel Companies for Your Trip to Iran

Comparison shopping travel companies for your trip to Iran? Smart move. Be sure to look beyond the itineraries – they are easy for any company to arrange – to the details. That’s where the difference lies.

Guaranteed Prompt Response

Service has not been a quality nurtured in the past in Iran but we are determined to be among the world’s best at it around the clock. Any time you e-mail us or make a phone call, you will get a prompt response. During the tour in Iran, if you encounter any emergency whatsoever day or night, you will find us very quickly since we are always ready to help you.

Speaking of emergencies, here we would like to share two of the typical cases that we have ever experienced in midnight with our clients.

In Jun, 2011, we received a group of 12 clients from China. Their trip was 15 days Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, and Kerman. 62-year-old Mr. Qian was in the group. Before the trip commenced, he did not tell us anything about his health. But when he was touring on Lut Desert, he had a sudden heart attack at 03:40 deep in the night. And there were no city and village any place near. The nearest hospital was 50 km far away. All our expert tour guides know the basic medical emergencies and because of that the tour guide could help Mr. Qian at the first step and critical moment of this situation and managed to do some emergency treatment.  but of course, the best way was to send him to the hospital immediately. However, they were deep in the desert and he couldn’t move to much. Mr. Qian’s wife called our staff for urgent help and our staff who picked up the phone quickly reported this to our Sales Director and General Manager. We contacted the Emergency medical services in Iran and took some time to negotiate with them for sending a helicopter to help faster.
After about 20 minutes, the Emergency Helicopter reached them by using the exact coordinate of the group using information of the GPS that our tour guide provide them before then and toke Mr. Qian and his wife to the nearest hospital in Kerman. Before they arrived, we have called the hospital to make some preparations. And our CEO Ms. Grishchenko asked our staff to book an early morning flight to Kerman. Upon arrival, she directly went to the hospital to see Mr. Qian and to meet the doctors. Mr. Qian has implanted an external cardiac pacemaker and he needed an operation. Then we send them to a great hospital in the capital of Iran, in Tehran. And Mr. Qian did the operation by the best doctors whom know their job. It was Ms. Grishchenko and our local agent manager in Kerman took care of him all the time, delivering meals and accompanying on the bedside. Mr. Qian’s wife was quite moved by this. At the same time, we also helped him contact his insurance company in Iran and manage to continue Iran Visa For them. Mr. Qian and his wife were sent to China after treatment when he could walk again by himself.

Another case happened on May 18, 20014. One of our clients Mr. Robert Edwards from America ( had just finished a 10-day trip with us in Isfahan and was ready for departure for home the next day. When he was packing luggage at night, he found that he couldn’t locate his passport. It was already at about 22:00 and his departure flight was early in the next morning, so he was very anxious. He called our office and our staff Tania picked up the phone and helped him obtain a list of all the places he had been for the whole day since he remembered having the passport. Then Tania made all the efforts to contact each place and finally found that he had left the passport in a bank of Melli when exchanging money, neighboring Shiraz. The bank security guard told Tania that they had been waiting for Mr. Robert Edwards’s back to get his passport until the off-duty time since they had no way to contact him. Now the bank manager had taken it home. The guard gave the manager’s cell phone number to Tania. At about 01:00 am, the manager was contacted. After we got his home address, we asked our local guide in Shiraz immediately took a taxi to the manager’s home and obtained the passport. Then our guide continued to take a taxi to Isfahan. Finally at 05:00 the passport was delivered to Mr. Robert Edwards in time for his scheduled flight.

Still, there were many affecting cases and experiences happened between our clients and us. We will not share them one by one here. But we were extremely happy that we really helped our clients a lot with our dedicated services. That is the kind of service we strive to render each and every time.


You probably know that most travel companies arrange meals at so-called tourist restaurants. These serve mass-produced dishes with pretty much the same menu in every single city. Arrive a bit late and you will find your dishes have been waiting at your assigned table limp and cold. On our tours, we take great pride in offering some a la carte meals at famous local restaurants and some buffet dinners at the hotels. It is our belief that food is every bit a part of your experience as seeing Persepolis and other treasures.

We include the value of a la carte meals in our itineraries. Don’t want a particular meal? No problem. We will refund the listed price. Ask our competitors if they will refund the entire price – and get that promise in writing. We just gave you ours.


All 5 star — or 4-star or 3-star — hotels are not equal. They vary widely in facilities and service quality. We choose carefully based on our own research and feedback from our guests. In some places, we have chosen a 4-star hotel over a 5-star due to its advantages, giving you greater value without loss of comfort and service. And we haven’t hesitated to abandon booking a hotel whose quality slipped and failed our exacting standards. Please note that Iran’s hotel rate usually is one step less than the international standard. For example, if you are booking a hotel that has 4-star grade you should expect to see a 3-star hotel as an international standard.

A visit to Iran is often a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Make sure the memories are all good ones by choosing a travel company which may or may not be the cheapest but which is thoughtful, reliable and service-proud.