Insurance Terms

Insurance Terms

Iran Travel Insurance Terms 

  •  Covers of this policy are valid from the date of your official entrance of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN for travel. 
  • Insurer should refund the premium of the policy, in case insured will not going to start his/her trip. 
  • Payment of compensation in all case must be made only in Iran Rails or local units. 
  •  Expenses that are directly regulated by the insured without the consent of the insurance company will not be covered. 
  •  In case of hospitalization, any declaration of a claim shall be made immediately within maximum 72 hours further to the very beginning of the hospitalization or before releasing date, where after the deadline will be notified of non-regulated insurance will be reviewed. 
  •  For any assistance request in Iran, the Insured or his/her representative take care of the below actions: 
Call obligatorily and immediately the following 24 hours a day alarm center: 
Tell: +98 21 89 302 302 Fax:+98 21 88 700 205 

State his/her full name, Policy number, Passport number and validity dates of his travel insurance policy. State the place and telephone number where he/she can be reached. Give a brief description of the problem encountered and nature of the help required. 
  • The insurance for trips more than once issued are valid for a certain time period of 92 continuous days per trip should not exceed. 
  • Medical expenses, accidents in high-risk occupations such as construction of an insurance policy, including the commitments abroad. 

The services covered by this policy: 

1- Payment of medical. Surgical and poisoning treatment costs. 
2- Transfer and admission to the nearest hospital in Iran. 
3- Repatriation of minors to their respective countries in the event of insured s hospitalization or death. 
The services subject to this policy shall be extended to the insured, on the basis of the annexed general conditions, all over the territory of the Islamic republic of Iran. 
Should any of the services covered by this policy be required the insured. He/she be advised to the contact the following centers Saman Insurance and let them know his/her name, surname, policy and passport numbers. 
Tell: +98 21 89 302 302 - Fax: +98 21 88 700 205 

Chapter 1 
A. Definitions 

1-Insured: all foreign nationals visiting Iran, individually or collectively, for such purposes and pilgrimage or other purpose. 
Note: the services covered by this policy shall be extended to the insured, individually or collectively, subject to compatibility of the recorded personal details in the policy with those registered in his/her passport. 
2- Bodily injuries: the injuries caused by spontaneous, sudden, external and visible factors except illness, after the insured s arrival in Iran instigating his/her agent s application for aid/ or assistance. 
3-Disease: sudden and unpredictable conditions being contracted, started and originated after the insured s arrival in Iran, causing his/her own or his/her agent s applications for aid or assistance. 
4- Loss: any incident leading to supply of the services subject of this policy. 
5- Dependents: insured s father, mother, children, wife, brothers and sisters. 
6-Intensive medical cause: bodily injury or disease jeopardizing the insured s good health. 
7- Euro: the current monetary unit of European Union. 
8- Franchise: the portion of medical expenses borne directly by the insured. 

B. Scope of coverage: the benefits stipulated in chapter 2 of this contract through the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

C. duration of coverage: the services specified in this contract shall continue solely in Iran for a maximum duration of 92 consecutive days. 

D. Statute of limitation: the claims pertaining to this coverage shall be subject to the statute of limitation two years after the date of due incident causing such claims. 

E. Subrogation: Saman Insurance shall subrogate the insured for his/her claims against anyone being liable for the incidents leading to the losses mentioned in the benefits lists. up to the amount of the borne expenses or the paid indemnities. Should all or part of the services extended by Saman Insurance be covered by a separate scheme. this company shall subrogate the insured in regard of the claim made in relation the said scheme. 

Chapter 2 

A. medical transfer: 
Should the insured suffer bodily injuries caused by an accident unexpected disease or mandatory quarantine during the term of this contract Saman Insurance shall arrange and pay for the services as follows: 
• Admission of insured to the nearest hospitals. 
• Transfer of insured to a more suitable hospital. Compatible with the nature of the disease or inflicted injuries by necessary and accessible means such as land or air ambulance or planes (according to the available flight schedule. if medically needed). 

B. imbursement of treatment expenses: 
For up to 10000€ (or its equivalent in Iranian Rails) each case of loss during the coverage period: 
• Medical expenses which includes insured s surgical expenses. 
• Medical emergency expenses which includes initial physician visit, imaging services and laboratory expenses, physiotherapy expenses, medical transferring to related medical center caused by incidents such as vehicle accident. 
• Medical expenses caused by poisoning such as food poisoning. 
Deductible: 25€ (or its equivalent in Iranian Rails) in each case of loss, excluding the cases related to the insured s bodily injury or hospitalization for a duration of at least 24 hours. 
Saman Insurance commits itself to pay expenses concerning cases, food poisoning, medical treatment in hospitals and surgeries and surgeries undergone by the insured or his/her agent in emergency cases caused by bodily injuries or spontaneous disease on the basis of medical certification. This commitment does not include any kind of prosthesis. However, such payments shall continue as long as the health conditions of the insured are ascertained suitable for repatriation to his respective country by his Iranian medical team as well as the certified if Saman Insurance. 

C. In the event of medical emergencies: 
Saman Insurance shall provide the insured with required information, such as details of the relevant hospitals, restricted surgery clinics and other specialized centers for patients and injured along with the necessary recommendations. Such information shall not include diagnostic and checkup centers. 

D. Repatriation of Mortal remains: 
In the event of insured decease Saman Insurance commits itself to take all the requisite measure and pay for the due costs of the preparatory actions and procurement of coffin for subsequent transfer of the corpse to the nearest airport to the designated burial site in the insured s respective country. However this policy shall not cover the funeral and burial costs. 

E. Repatriation of unattended child(ren): 
should the insured be unable to undertake the custody of a minor under 15 years of age accompanied him/her at the time of incident due to his/her transfer or repatriation of his/her corpse. Saman Insurance shall take the necessary measures to secure to repatriation of the concerned minor to his/her respective country. 

F. Legal Expenses: presenting necessary guides, penal, civil law and juridical comradeship due to vehicle accident during his/her stays in Iran up to 250 € equivalent in I.R.I Rails. 

G. Loss of passport, Driving License, National Identity Card: 
In the case of loss of travel documents, such as passport, visa stickers, airline tickets, etc. Saman Insurance will provide insured person with necessary advice in order to supersede mentioned documents. 

H. Travel of one Immediate Family Member: 
In the case insured is hospitalized more than 10 days because of illness or accident which is under the coverage of this insurance, Saman Insurance would pay for travel costs of one of his next of kin from country of origin to Iran (transportation costs to the place in which insured is hospitalized). 

Chapter 3 
General exclusion 

A. The services subject of this contract shall be extended only to visitors whose sojourn in Iran lasts less than 92 consecutive days. 
B. The insured s commitments do not cover the medical costs borne, directly or indirectly, by the insured without prior notification and consent of Saman Insurance (subjectofchapter4 of this contract). 
C. Other exclusion: the commitment of the insurer subject of this contract is also excluded from the cases follows: 
• Conditions caused by traveling for energy therapy. 
• Side-effects of the treatments undergone in the insured s country of residence. 
• Side-effects of preventive measures and vaccination. 
• Side- effects of physiotherapy, sun-therapy cosmetology and mineral-therapy. 
• Effect of existing diseases, resurgence of chronic diseases or perpetuation of the conditions for which the insured consciously receive treatments. Convalescence is regarded as part of the illness period. 
• Conditions causes by war, military aggressive, alien adversary actions, hostile operations (with or without declared war), insurgency and terrorist operations. 
• Conditions caused by deliberated self-inflicted injuries or participation in criminal acts. 
• Conditions caused by the insured s participation in professional betting, horse racing, cycling and any other sort of motoring competitions or shows. 
• Conditions caused by the insured s participation in fighting, excluding the cases for self-defense. 
• Conditions caused by the insured participation in professional athletic exercise or the exercises intended for participation in official competition or shows 
• Conditions caused by the radioactive material disintegration or radioactive contamination caused by nuclear fuel radiation or explosive poisonous radioactive materials or hazardous conditions created, directly or indirectly by any explosive nuclear installation or any such nuclear phenomenon. 
• Conditions caused by chronic or prolonged diseases or the diseases suffered and for which being treated by the insured prior to the commencement date of the insurance coverage instigating the insured s or his/her agent s application for aid from Saman Insurance. The convalescence period is considered as part of the duration of illness. 
• Conditions caused by pregnancy during the third quartet prior to the expected date of delivery or by voluntary abortion. 
• Conditions derived from psychological diseases or lunacy. 
• Conditions caused by the total or partial effects of alcoholic beverages, psychotropic and narcotic drugs consumptions, excluding the drugs being prescribed and consumed under the auspices of a competent physician. 
• Conditions caused by death, bodily injuries or diseases due to suicide or suicidal attempts. 
• Conditions caused by the insured s participation in professional contests, climbing (if rope or guide is needed), cave exploration, scuba diving, winter sports, aviation or any sort of flight, excluding the cases when the insured flies in the capacity of a passenger of an authorized plane administered by a licensed commercial aviation agent or under the ownership and management of commercial company. 
• Accidents caused by hard and hazardous labor, such as construction works. 
• Congenital and related disease and disorders. 

Chapter 4 
Insured's commitments 

A. general procedure 
1. Assistance request: In emergency cases the insured is required to contact the nearest round-the-clock aid center of Saman Insurance, prior to any personal initiative, to provide them with the following information: 
  • Full name of the insured, number and validity period of concerned policy. 
  • Insured s addresses of residence in Iran along with his/her phone number. 
  • Brief description of the accident or diseases and the type of the needed aid. 
2. Failure to inform the Insurer: 
  • Notification of claims: Claims shall be notified not later than 72 hours after the beginning of hospitalization or medical consultations. The claims that are notified the lapse of the above-mentioned time-limit shall be null and void. 
  • The cases encountered with Serious accident: notwithstanding the above article and the content of this contract, should the insured of his/her agent be encountered with fatal conditions arrangement must be made for their immediate transfer to the nearest hospitals followed by reporting of the case to Saman Insurance at the earliest opportunity, in such notification to Saman Insurance shall not exceeded 4B hours after the emergence of the fatal disease or occurrence of the accident. Failure to comply with this instruction may authorize Saman Insurance to claim the costs for such delay by the insured. 

General conditions: 
1. Restriction: upon the occurrence of loss the insured shall take all the required measures to ensure further expansion of its effects and repercussions. 
2. Recovery: in appropriate cases, the insured shall furnish Saman Insurance with all the documents and proceeding in order to enable the latter to recover the due losses from the relevant sources. 

Important notes: 
1. Commencement of insurance coverage coincides with the date of your arrival in the Islamic Republic of Iran as indicated in your passport. 
2. the cost of canceling this policy, given the insured is unable to embark on the trip due to his/her failure to secure the required Iranian entry visa ,is 2€ which in other cases is 3€. 
3. All claims shall be payable in the Iranian Rail or foreign currencies only in place where the accident takes place or disease emerges. 
4. The insured shall not be indemnified against the expenses made by his/her own initiative, without securing prior agreement of Saman Insurance. 
5. All claims shall be notified to Saman Insurance within 72 hours after insured s admission to a hospital or his/her initiative to receive medical consultation. The claims reported after the set deadline shall be considered ineffective. 
6. whenever aid is needed please inform the nearest branch of Saman Insurance to your place of residence or the accident site in Iran of your name, surname, policy number and the date of its validity, passport number, address, phone number, a brief description of the encountered problem and the type of required relief aid. 
7. The policies issued for multiple trips are valid for specified duration, provided each trip does not exceed 92 consecutive days. 
8. Medical costs for the incidents caused by high-risk labor, such as construction works are excluded from this insurance coverage. 

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