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Q: What to see in Iran for first time travelers?
A: Iran is a vast land with abundant tourism resources. For first time travelers, the top travel destinations of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kerman, Yazd, Mashhad, Kashan and Ahvaz are recommended. As ancient capitals, both Persepolis and Susa boast fantastic cultural and historic relics, such as the grave of Cyrus the great, Naghshe Rostam and Arge Bam. Alborz mountains are well known for their superb natural beauty, with Karaj River flowing through an amazing landscape resembling a scroll-painting. For sure we can call Chaloos road, the most beautiful and amazing road in the world. There is no word that can explain your feeling over there!  With Tochal car cable you are able to fly over the sky and feel forest of clouds under your feet. Isfahan is city of culture and arts that's why Iranian call her "Nesfe Jahan" it means half of the world. Shiraz is city of poets and love and amazing mosques  In the light of the above, you can combine visits to these cities as you wish to create your Iran holiday tours.
Q: For a second time traveler, what are the recommended destinations?
A: If you wish to go further on your second trip, you may consider visiting some regions with distinctive features. For shopping lovers, Tehran Grand Bazaar will satisfy your desire to see the biggest bazaar in Middle East with 55,000 shops. It is mixed by traditional and modern shops and areas. If you want to be far from city style life, we can take you  into Iranian nomads life by spending few days with them. Experience their lifestyle and join them to make bread, weave Persian carpets, take the goats and sheep out and to come together with other families and have fun. Sip tea with Qashqai, Bakhtiari and Shahsevan nomads and enjoy their hospitality. Also here you are able to visit unique nature of Caspian sea as the biggest lake in the world and go up in to the forest and mountain to see amazing Stronghold of assassin in Ghale Roodkhan and enjoy the view that some time just belongs to rebels. Qom and Mashhad are good options if you like to learn about Islam, it's true identity and seeking out the mystery of this unique land., also you are able to visit the amazing and wonderful Imam Reza shrine and Hazrat Masoumeh shrine that Iranian made them with all they had from arts and love. Imam Reza shrine is the biggest mosque in the world. Cities in south region like Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, Kish and Qeshm islands  are also popular for their warm water in Persian Gulf and power of it's magical natural pearls and beautiful nature. If you are curious about the Silk Road culture, you can visit Caravansaries in all around Iran and feel the environment of old fashion ways of  traveling by riding on camels like Alibaba old tales! If you are interested in Skiing no where else can give you more that Dizin international ski resort with its magical snow powder, we are ready here to customize a private tour route to meet your needs.
Q: How many days are needed for a trip to Iran?
A: It mainly depends on the destinations of your trip. For a single city package, three to four days are required. If you want to visit two to three cities, basically one week is needed. A 12-day to two weeks Iran vacation tours usually would cover four to five cities. Once you decide on your destinations, we can help you work out a realistic duration.
Q: What is the best time to travel to Iran?
A: Iran is a vast country with wide-ranging climatic conditions, so a decision about the best time to visit should be based on the regions you plan to visit and the kind of weather you enjoy. Generally speaking, late March to May in spring, September and October in autumn are the best months to visit most of the cities. Try to avoid travelling during the National Day Holiday (Nowruz) from March 21st to Apr 10th as all sightseeing spots are very crowded. For visitors who want to save money and enjoy sightseeing without interference by tourist crowds, you can plan your trip in the winter season from December to February.
How much would a trip to Iran cost?
The prices will range widely depending on the tour destinations, durations and your demands for comfort. Let's take one of the most popular itineraries as an example, 8 days Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz. It will cost about €1950 per person on the basis of a private guided tour for two people with 4-star accommodation and domestic flights in between. If you join in a Iran small group tour with the similar itinerary, the trip usually costs about €1550 per person. International flights are not included. 

Many travelers also take the trains instead of flights to save the cost and enhance the travel experience, which has been proved to be an awesome choice. No matter how much you want to spend on a trip, we are always happy to tailor make an itinerary that best fits your needs. In addition, our sallow bird promotions can also help you save more. Also we have great family discount for our tours.

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