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Constantly endeavor to build an inspirational
work environment to Nurture Talent.

Since its inception, Mystery Of Iran ® has been on an accelerated growth path serving clients in the Iranian products and services, Tourism industry, business, and health care sector. Our team’s experience ranges from seasoned professionals to recent graduates. The common element among our employees is they exhibit exemplary academic backgrounds, strong experience within our domain, and are driven to fulfill their passions.

Mystery Of Iran ® brings together professionals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, mindsets, and experiences to work toward the single objective of delighting our clients. There is a great sense of personal accomplishment when a diverse team of professionals works harmoniously and passionately on a project that makes a positive difference to the communities we’re part of.
Because the projects we work on can have such a dramatic impact, Mystery Of Iran® is committed to building highly motivated teams that are dedicated to delivering what we promise to our clients.

Why Should I Join the Mystery Of Iran ® Family?

You’ll have opportunities to make a real difference: We believe that every person joining us comes with the talent, zeal, and mission to contribute to humanity.

You can be an entrepreneur exploring the unexplored: We nurture a free and fearless environment in which we spur teams to drive innovation and venture beyond the limits of possibility. We give you the space to create better ways of delivering results and enhancing the quality of life worldwide.
You’ll work in a challenging and rewarding environment: We provide compensation and benefits in line with your talent, market standards, and industry best practices. We also provide challenging career opportunities with rewards commensurate to your success.
You’ll be encouraged to be creative: We not only appreciate creative, novel thinking, we also encourage colleagues to share out-of-the-ordinary ideas without any fear of failure. Innovative ideas help us define business strategies and visualize our future.
You’ll have some fun along the way: We encourage our colleagues to break the monotony of work and have some fun. Doing this can bring out hidden talents and creativity. After all, bringing cheer and happiness to our lives is what we ultimately seek.
We welcome your passion: We’re looking for talented people with fresh ideas and a passion for the communities we’re part of. Why don’t you explore worldwide career options and become part of the fast-growing excitement at Mystery Of Iran?

Cooperate with Us

If you are interested in the work we do at Mystery Of Iran ® and share our values, and believe you may be able to cooperate with us, please send more information about you or your company by completing the form below. By doing that you do not engage yourself yet, but just open the possibility to consider our options.

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