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What We Do?

 ► Mission & Goal

Service is the first, flexibility being a must, and value being the best. Taking this idea as our vision and target, we always set goals for offering the service of the highest quality to our clients from all over the world; making ours the best known brand of inbound operator in a healthy and well-ordered tourist environment, give access to Iranian products and services, provide unique business services and healthcare services with lowest price ; If you are looking for perfect products with a top class international service, we are here to give it to you.

 ► Business Scope

Iranian products and services

 As Iran’s first products and services market, our goal is to make sure that international buyers have access to the Iranian best manufacturers, factories, and hospitals which produce high-quality products and best healthcare services. Therefore we made a platform that any Iranian manufacturers and legally registered hospitals can use it to provide their products and services. For the better connection between buyers and sellers, we add a button “Ask a Question?” in each product/service and let the buyers ask their questions directly from the provider of the product/service. In the meantime to protect our buyer and sellers we do everything in our hand to prevent fraud and scam from 3rd parties. You can read our terms of use, cancellation and refund and privacy and security to know more about it.

Iran Group Tour

The most economical way is to join a small group. With a perfect combination of quality service, more flexibility and lower price, Mystery Of Iran ® offers you multiple selective group itineraries. In our small group, you can meet many new friends from all over the world benefiting from interaction and communication with each other.

  ∟ Private Iran Tour

With well-chosen hotels, superior restaurants and the most courteous service, Mystery Of Iran provides optional private tours with the most fulfilling itineraries including visits to Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kashan, Persepolis or other unique Iranian cities and attractions. You can have your trip specially tailored to your heart’s desire, thereby gaining a greater degree of individual attention that will ensure maximum flexibility and comfort.
Please see our Iran Tours for details.

  ∟Train Ticket Booking

Mystery Of Iran ® is the first company that provides access to buy Iran domestic train ticket to international guests all around the world. Currently, we could help you to book the tickets of trains departing from all major cities. We book train tickets for more than 5,000 guests yearly.
Please start a reservation at our Train Ticket Booking Center!

  ∟Iran Flight Booking

You need not to worry about flight tickets as we also offer a quality ticket booking service with favorable discounts and a quick response, even if you are not joining our tour groups. Our ticket booking service is available in a variety of ways including flights reservation, telephone, fax or e-mail, covering Iran domestic flights, flights to/from Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kish Island, and some international flights.
Please see our Iran Flights for details.

 ∟ Hotel Booking 

If you’re looking for Iran hotel booking service, we know that it took a lot of time for you to find us because Iranian banks are not connected to the international banking system that’s why can not pay for services that you like to order. Don’t worry! Our expert always finds a solution that makes it possible for you to plan your trip and start enjoying your time by booking online and pay for services you like to get when you arrive in Iran. We help you book the hotel rooms you want in Iran. There’s a variety of accommodations to stay in during your visit to Iran that you can choose from among them. They are ordinary hotels categorized based on the star system, Tourists’ Inns (similar to hotels, but not within star system), and traditional houses and monuments. You can choose any of them that you like and we book them for you. If you like to know more you can just look FAQs and find your answers, chat with us from right bottom of the page or contact us.

 ∟ Insurance For Travelers, Insurance for Cargo & Ships

We are proud that we always do our best to give our clients the finest services at a fair price. Our experts in Mystery Of Iran ® try to find new ways to solve problems, be the first and the best for clients. For the first time amount all other companies, Mystery Of Iran ® provides Insurance For Traveler who love to travel to Iran from beginning to the end. Our Insurance For Travelers will make sure about covering your back and support you when unpleasant accident and emergency happen until the last day of your trip and let you enjoy it with no worry about tomorrow. We strongly recommend buying one of our insurance plans that are very reasonable. Moreover, to being the best supporter of businesses who want to export/import goods to/from Iran, also we provide Insurance For Cargo and Ship in Iran.
If you need our help to guaranty supports from a reliable agency please feel free to contact us.

 ∟ Business Services

Mystery Of Iran ® proposes all necessary services that are both time saving and cost effective for business travelers in order to meet their needs with a professional travel manager dedicated to serving the requirement of travelers. We manage your travel program with professional and personal flair; our consultants and management are experienced in corporate business travel, groups, events, incentives and offer individual itineraries to minimize cost.

 ∟ Health Care Services

Also we are no the one that going to cure anyone in our company, on the other hand, we help people to find a good hospital with best prices, booking time for them and when they arrive we help them with translation and other services like finding a place to stay and help them feel comfortable until the end when our clients go back to their countries healthy and happy.