Privacy & Security

1. General Provisions

This privacy policy regarding the processing of personal data is compiled in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data” No. 2297 dated 01.06.2010 specifies the procedure for processing personal data and measures to ensure the safety of personal data and other regulatory acts of Ukrainian legislation regulating legal relations, related to the collection, processing, storage of personal data, as well as the right of citizens to non-interference in private life and the right to self-expression.
Please read this page carefully, as the information on it is important to you both for the user of the site and all of its services. Please note that in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy, when you visit the resources of this web portal, you agree to the rules and requirements of the Privacy Policy and the terms of use of the site. If you disagree with the requirements of the Privacy Policy and the terms of use of the site, you must leave this site and refrain from visiting it in the future.
Attention! The user does not have the right to post information, use the website if he does not agree with the Privacy Policy or if he has not reached the statutory age, when he has the right to enter into agreements or is restricted in his rights by law, or is not an authorized person of the company, from whose name is the information.
The storage of your personal data will be carried out by LLC Travel Company ” Magic Travel Center ” (Mystery of Iran ®), at the address: Kyiv, 42/1 Avenue, Kor. 10, of. 17.
This Privacy Policy is effective from “01” December 2016 and will be updated as necessary and/or as a result of changes in the current legislation.
1.1. LLC “Travel Company” Magic Travel Center “(hereinafter referred to as” the Company “) sets as an important goal and condition for the performance of its activities the observance of human and civil rights and freedoms while processing its personal data, including the protection of the rights to privacy, personal and family secrets.
1.2. The Company’s policy for the processing of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) applies to all information that the Company can obtain about visitors to the website

2. Basic concepts used in the Policy

2.1. Automated processing of personal data – processing of personal data by means of computer facilities;
2.2. Blocking of personal data – temporary termination of processing of personal data (except for cases when processing is necessary for the specification of personal data);
2.3. Website – a set of graphics and information materials, as well as computer programs and databases, providing their accessibility in the Internet at the network address;
2.4. Information system for personal data – set of databases of personal data and information technology and technical means to ensure their processing;
2.5. The depersonalization of personal data is an action, as a result of which it is impossible to determine without the use of additional information the belonging of personal data to a specific User or other personal data subjects;
2.6. Personal data processing – any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) performed using automation tools or without using such tools with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating (upgrading, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data;
2.7. The owner or manager of personal data may be enterprises, institutions, and organizations of all forms of ownership, public authorities or local self-government bodies, individual entrepreneurs who process personal data in accordance with the law;
2.8. Personal Information – any information relating directly or indirectly to a particular or specific website user;
2.9. User – any visitor to the site;
2.10. Provision of personal data – actions aimed at disclosing personal data to a specific person or a certain circle of persons;
2.11. Dissemination of personal data – any actions aimed at disclosing personal data to an indefinite group of persons (transfer of personal data) or for acquaintance with personal data to an unlimited number of persons, including promulgation of personal data in the media, placement in information and telecommunication networks or provision of access to personal data in any other way;
2.12. Cross-border transfer of personal data – transfer of personal data to the territory of a foreign state of the authority of a foreign state, foreign physical or foreign legal entity;
2.13. Destruction of personal data – any actions that result in the destruction of personal data irrevocably with the inability to further restore the content of personal data in the personal data information system and (or) as a result of which material data carriers of personal data are destroyed.

3. The company can process such personal data of the user

3.1. Full Name.3.15. Previous Name, First Name
3.2. Type, series, and number of the document proving the identity;3.16. The photo;
3.3. Year of birth;3.17. Education;
3.4. Gender3.18. Profession;
3.5. The month of birth;3.19. Income;
3.6. Date of Birth,3.20. Position;
3.7. Place of Birth;3.21. Information about staying abroad;
3.8. Address;3.22. Information about the services provided;
3.9. The number of contact phone;3.23. Information about the foreign passport;
3.10. Email addresses3.24. Information about children, marital status;
3.11. Identification number of the taxpayer;3.25. Information about the hotel reservation, accommodation;
3.12. Family status;3.26. Information about the reservation (availability) of the ticket;
3.13. National affiliation;3.27. Information about visas.
3.14. Former citizenship3.28. The above data are further summarized in the text. Policies are united by the general concept of Personal Data.

4. Policy on cookies, use of Google Analytics

When using the site, we use cookies. With their help, it is possible to identify the browser of users visiting our portal repeatedly, in these files it is possible to save user settings and other information. For the convenience of using our site, we use the remarketing function. Cookies are also used for this feature.
You can set your browser to reject all cookies or notify them of their sending.
Using Google Analytics, we collect statistics about a visit to the portal, such as the visited pages, the number of page views, domains, Internet providers and countries of origin of our visitors, as well as the addresses of sites visited before and after the portal, etc. However, none of these actions are connected with you personally and are measured only in aggregate.
Web beacons are invisible files that are on the sites that you visit. In case you visit the page of a website containing a web beacon, it refers to your computer in order to determine whether you visited this page before or you saw a certain advertisement before. Web beacons do not record your email address or any other personal information.
Using this information helps us to make the site as convenient and useful for you as possible, to support, protect and develop the services of our site.

4. The purpose of processing personal data

4.1. The company processes personal data on a legal and fair basis for
the fulfillment of the functions, powers and duties assigned by the legislation,
implementation of the rights and legitimate interests of the Company, employees of the Company and third parties.
The purpose of processing the user’s personal data
conclude and fulfill obligations under contracts with customers
– to carry out the types of activities stipulated by the constituent documents of LLC
“Travel company” Magic Travel Center “;
– assistance in obtaining visas, passports, insurance, ticket sales for bus
Also, we can use your personal information to:
– answer questions and inquiries;
– process your orders and requests for information on a visa, a selection of tours, booking package and individual tours, air tickets, a selection of vacancies for work abroad, etc .;
– regulate or otherwise fulfill its obligations in connection with any agreement that you have entered into with us,
– to prevent, solve problems, promptly respond to your possible complaints related to the shortcomings of the services provided to you.
4.2. Also, the Company has the right to send the User notices about new products and services, special offers and various events by sending sms and e-mails, phone calls. The user can always refuse to receive information messages by sending a letter to the e-mail address with the note “Refusal of news, new products, services and special offers”.
4.3. The impersonal data of users that are collected using the services of Internet statistics, serve to collect information about the actions of users on the site, improve the quality of the site and its content.

5. Legal basis for processing personal data

5.1. The company processes the personal data of the user only if they are completed and / or transferred by the User independently through special forms located on the website By filling out the appropriate forms and / or sending their personal data to the Company, the User agrees with this policy.
5.2. In the field of electronic commerce, the user’s consent to the processing of his personal data may be provided upon registration in the information and telecommunications system of the subject of electronic commerce by stating a permit to process his personal data in accordance with the stated purpose of processing them, provided that such a system does not creates opportunities for the processing of personal data until the mark is placed.
5.3. The company processes impersonal user data in the event that it is allowed in the user’s browser settings (cookies and JavaScript technology are enabled).

6. Information about the security of personal data

The security of personal data processed by the company is ensured through the implementation of legal, organizational and technical measures necessary to fully comply with the requirements of the current legislation in the field of personal data protection.
6.1. The company ensures the preservation of personal data and takes all possible measures that exclude access to personal data of unauthorized persons.
6.2. Personal data of the user will never, under any circumstances, be transferred to third parties, except for cases related to the implementation of the current legislation (for example, if it is required in the course of a trial or for the purpose of preventing fraud or another crime), or if we consider that such an action is necessary to protect and / or prevent our rights, property or personal safety, as well as our users / customers and others.
6.3. In case of revealing inaccuracies in the personal data, the User can update them on his own, by submitting the Company a message to the e-mail address of the Company or
6.4. The processing time for personal data is unlimited. The user may at any time withdraw his consent to the processing of personal data by sending the Company an e-mail to the Company’s e-mail address with the mark “Resignation of consent to the processing of personal data”.

7. Cross-border transfer of personal data

7.1 Prior to the commencement of the cross-border transfer of personal data, the Company must ensure that the foreign state in the territory of which it is intended to transfer personal data ensures reliable protection of the rights of subjects of personal data.
7.2 The cross-border transfer of personal data on the territory of foreign countries that does not meet the above requirements can only be carried out with the consent of the personal data subject in writing to the cross-border transfer of his personal data and / or performance of the contract to which the subject of personal data is a party.
7.3 By filling out the relevant (special) forms on the website and posting a note on acquaintance with the Privacy Policy and / or sending your personal data to the Company, the User expresses his / her written consent to the cross-border transfer of personal data in the territory (territory) of foreign states for the purpose of which they were collected.

8. Who else has access to your information:

     LLC “TK” Magic Travel Center “(Mystery of Iran ®) provides access to your information:
8.1. Independent third parties that provide us with various services, business analysis, work with customers, marketing, providing surveys or lotteries, preventing fraud. We can allow third parties to collect information for our purposes, for example, for the operation of a website or the distribution of actual advertising. Third parties have access and can collect only information necessary for the provision of services and are not allowed to use it for any other purposes.
8.2. Business partners with whom we jointly provide products and services. You can always identify third parties providing a particular product or service, since their names will always be indicated next to ours. If you decide to use these additional services, we can provide our partners with access to your information, including personal information. Remember that we do not control the protection of your information by such business partners.
8.3. By visiting websites. If you visit the website from a link from another site, we may provide this website with access to your registration information, for example, your name, postal and e-mail address, phone number, travel benefits. The site that links has full access to your information, so we recommend that you read the privacy policy of the relevant website before proceeding from this site to
8.4. Social networks. From our Website, you can go to a number of social networks (for example, Facebook). By going to these sites, you provide them with your personal data, and the protection of such information will be carried out in accordance with the policy already on these websites. On these sites, you can change the privacy settings.
We can also provide access to information:
8.5. In order, by order of the court or other court order; for the approval and exercise of our rights; for protection in cases of legal harassment; and in other cases, if required by law. In doing so, we reserve the right to declare any denial or to exercise any right granted to us by law, or to refuse it.
8.6. In cases when it is necessary to obtain information, prevent and take measures for illegal or alleged illegal actions; to protect their rights, property or security.
8.7. In connection with corporate transactions, such as the seizure of assets, mergers, sales of assets or, which is unlikely, bankruptcy.
 8.8. We can also provide general or anonymous information to third parties, including advertisers and investors. For example, we can inform our advertisers about the number of visitors to the website or the most popular hotels and holiday destinations. This information does not contain any personal data and is used to develop the website.

9. Final provision

9.1. The user can receive any clarifications on the issues of interest regarding the processing of his personal data by contacting the Company by e-mail at
9.2. This document will reflect any changes in the company’s personal data processing policy. The policy is valid for a period of time until it is replaced by a new version.
9.3. The current version of the Policy is freely available on the Internet at
✔ I agree with the Privacy Policy and the terms of use of the site, as well as with the transfer, cross-border transfer and processing of my data.
✔ I confirm my adulthood, as well as the absence of any acts restricting my legal capacity.
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