Elite Team

Business success lies in an elite group. Our professional elite team comprises inventive, experienced and qualified technicians who work with electronic information processes, computer applications for web design and development; veteran marketing professionals who devise tours and seek out the best hotels, our business consultants and analysts give you reliable information to help your business grows faster. These are backed by a large complement of Multi-Languages speaking guides and editorial experts in many languages. Our young, vigorous and up-and-coming group is prepared at all times to offer the very best service with a real passion for their work on your behalf. Our experts made it possible for you to have access to Iranian products and services.

We are proud that with the help of our men and women as an elite team in Mystery Of Iran® and their hard work give everyone worldwide to have access to the very best Iranian products and services that were unseen for a long time. We made an Iranian market platform that all Iranian manufacturers and companies can provide their Products and services directly to the people who wish to buy them with fair prices and with a minimum intermediary in between. Buyers can contact them and order them their products as they need. Our platform is very handful and flexible, and we use every possibility and innovation we could to make a reliable and safe environment for our sellers and buyers do everything in our hands to protect them. In the other hand, we design it to be easy to use for both sides.

Iran is a country that has a history to have the best doctors and medical knowledge from ancient history until now. There were many doctors like Avicenna in Iran who gave Iranian doctors the best possible knowledge to cure patients and give them hope to live longer and be near their loved one. Besides our great doctors, Iran has well-equipped hospitals that can compare them toa few western hospitals. Also, our Pharmacy factories make and combine oriental cure and western treatments which make the treatments more effective than ever. Mystery Of Iran® and it’s elite team members as an agent of happiness for its clients give you access to all reliable hospitals and clinics in Iran and will help you about hospital reservation and organizing your trip to Iran in no time. We will support you to get a visa to Iran and professional translator, book accommodation to stay in Iran near your hospital, and many more.

Our elite team and the Sales Staff of Mystery Of Iran ® are professionals to serve for our honored clients. No matter what kind of tours, they can arrange them for the guests with great dispatch and patience. Aiming to let every guest happy and satisfactory after the wonderful trip to Iran wholeheartedly, they have got too many thanks and high praises from clients.

Mystery Of Iran ®  helps you grow and expand your business with/in Iran. If you wish to establish an office in Iran, hire people in Iran, want an appointment with a company/authority, want a research report on Iran or any other service related to Iran. Moreover, our elite team will be a one-stop-shop solution for all your “Iran needs” and our business experts will find the best ways for you to start strong and continue to grow fast in Iran. They are the most intelligent business analysts and consultants who know the law and related innovations to give the best services that you deserve.

We have professional tour guides in many cities around the country. All of our guides have fluent English or other languages acquaintance with the tourist attractions, and sufficient knowledge on Iranian culture and customs. They will be your helpful assistants and even friends during your trip to Iran.

Staff Training

Many opportunities to travel in different cities are offered to Mystery Of Iran ® elite team and staff to improve the professional qualities. It has greatly broadened the outlook and experience of the staff.

Company Activities

Rich and colorful activities are often held by our company. No matter the spring outing, a celebration for one’s birthday or Iranian traditional festivalsdonation for children, all promote friendship and bring much fun.