Donation For Saving Children

We are as human responsible for what happens around us. We have to make sure that the future is brighter, safer, cleaner and much more peaceful than today. But if there will be no human left who will have this idea for a greater future. What will happen to our world? What will happen to our children? Are we trying hard enough to achieve this goal? Who will play the main character in this war for a better future? We believe that the main character is for the people who will live then. Yes, our children should do all the things that need to be done.
What can we do for them? We need to support and prepare them until the time comes. And believe me that they will do their best to what ever it takes to ensure a better life for their children by giving them cleaner air to breathe, limpid water to drink, peaceful world to live and much more.

Mystery Of Iran ® proud that is part of a community that gives hope to children who lost their parents during the war in Ukraine. Our leadership team believes that we are responsible and need to take an action and do our part to ensure a greater future for our children. We decide to give some percent of the profit that we make to this idea as Donations For Children Program and we call it ” The Bright Future”. We just want to let you know as our dear clients that whatever you pay, there will be a part of the money that make children happier and will make a better future and easier life for them. As a result, everyone involved in our business, directly and not directly make donations for children.

Thank you all for helping us.
Oksana Grishchenko
CEO of Mystery Of Iran ®

The Bright Future

In this program, our goal is to support the children who lost their parents during the war in Ukraine and help them to find hope and support them to keep going. What happens to the humans hidden behind the term “institutionalized”? Imagine babies losing eyesight for lack of optic nerve stimulation or children physically, emotionally and intellectually stunted (subtract an IQ point for every month a child is institutionalized). Imagine children so desperate for touch that they hit themselves. It’s called “failure to thrive,” as if somehow the child has failed! Yet almost every one of these children can flourish if placed in a permanent, loving family early enough. The later they are placed, the less likely they are to fully recover.

Let’s Work Together for Children!

And sadly, existing policy denies many children any hope of placement, and delays placement for virtually all others. We give them hope to live and love by providing a place to live, healthy food to eat and drink, a warm bed to sleep and we know it’s not as good as it was with their parents, we give them access to receive an acceptable medical attention when needed and try to find a family for them who will love them and care for them and will continue supporting them to make sure that will have good education to let them make The Bright Future for them self. Important to realize, children are counting on us to support them.  And we can’t do it without you. Of course, there are so many ways to give to Save the Children. Ee already shared this great opportunity with our clients by using some part of our profit to help children. For this reason, you can also directly and online do donations for children. We’ve made it easy to help through here.

€5 donation for saving children of war in Ukraine.

€10 donation for saving children of war in Ukraine.

€20 donation for saving children of war in Ukraine.

€50 donation for saving children of war in Ukraine.

If You like to donate for children more please contact us for more information.