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As Iran’s leading online company, Mystery Of Iran ® always strives for success and innovation. Relying on rich professional experience, leading network technology, and the advanced people-oriented managing concept. By all means, it is devoted to creating the best electronic commerce platform for buy/sell products, tourists, Small and medium-sized enterprises and patients who search for excellent quality health care services with lower costs. We offer global as well as business travelers not only comprehensive information on Iran tourism and Iranian products but also tourair ticket and train ticket booking service and insurance for travelers. Transfer service is available now. Also, we provide business services to whom interested to start work in Iran or do business with Iranian businessmen. Moreover, we provide services for Booking hospitals for patients who like to treated well pay prices much more reasonable. And in the future, we will press ahead with the development of more new services.
This site is part of Magic Travel Center LLC ® and as a startup company which provides the best way to connect with the Iranian market and manufacturers, tourism and travel-related services all around the world. Need to mention, our Business code is 40843793, registered in Ukraine. Our company headquarters is in Ukraine too. For the detailed contact info, see Contact Us.

With the monthly unique visits about 400,000, the website www.mysteryofiran.com has been the famous brand under name of Magic Travel Center LLC ® (MTC). Travel Service since 2002. The site has always been highly recommended by authoritative world media such as Time (web-version), Chicago Sun-Times, the New York Times, USA Today, Seattle Times, National Geographic, Toronto Sun, World Heritage, as well as a multitude of well-known overseas universities, Iranian embassies, and consulates stationed abroad. With decades given to the creation and cultivation of the best window of Iran, Mysteryofiran.com has become the largest and leading multi-language website in Iran offering global Iranian products and services, and for travelers the most informative source for travel, dining, accommodation, transportation, touring, shopping and entertainment. After adding business in Iran and health care booking services in Iran we gave our clients the possibility to gain even more from us and start to do things that no other company can provide them.

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The website has a professional editorial team to ensure originality. Except as otherwise indicated, MysteryOfIran.com is the owner of the copyright of all contents (text, images, graphics, animation, audio, video) contained herein. Equally important, copying or quoting any part of this website without permission is NOT allowed. However, if you wish to use or license any material on this site, please contact us. Not to mention, we assure you that we will never disclose any of your registration information and other personal details to a third party without your express permission.
Certainly, you are advised to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before using the site.

Our Logo

Nothing is more symbolic in Iran than old Persian cuneiform. As result, our logo has two parts, left part which designed with old Persian cuneiform means “country” ( the name of the country used to write for The Great Persia) and has 3 colors (green, white, red) those are colors to make the flag of Iran. In addition, the right part of the logo is the name of the website made by English alphabet.

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Corporate Culture

 → Trust:

We believe in trust as trust is the precondition of cooperation. Thus, we always set up ineradicable trust with our honored clients and our enthusiastic staff. To put it differently, where there is trust there is efficiency coupled with a high-quality service.


Appreciation is the plaudit for consideration and service which brings respect and confidence. We appreciate each of the excellent and hardworking staff at all times to encourage and create an active, energetic and aggressive group, providing chances for them to show their self-pride, capability and a desire for excellence.


One man, no man! Success lies in the strength of the team. For this reason, we own an excellent startup company believing in the power of teamwork, and always creates a harmonious working environment for their team members by encouraging communication and cooperation at all times.


The company always shares weal and woe with its entire staff, partaking in each other’s joys and sorrows. Ever seeking self-improvement, we share our professional knowledge, technique and working experience to promote common development and progress. By all means, we believe, let clients win together with us, let staff grow up with us, we also share all that we gain for the benefit of our elite group.

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